Monday, December 19, 2011

THE doll stroller picture

This doll stroller has been around for a while. By that, I mean... I got it for Christmas from my parents when I was 6! I look back on it (still) as my favorite Christmas present Ever as a child. =)
It has been fun for me to still have it around for my own kids to play with. With Keenan started a tradition of taking pictures of my own babies In it. (I Never would have imaged all those years ago that I would be doing this with this same stroller!)

Today was Caleb's turn:

He pretty much fills it up!

... and of course, all three of them:

Notice the babies keep getting older in the pictures... looks like with each kid, I forget until two weeks later than the previous one! =)

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Mom W. said...

Cute comparison, and featuring our very own Robin Hood flour!!!! =) I was thinking the same thing about forgetting until two weeks later each time!!!

Fun! They don't make strollers like that any more!!