Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

It has been a very busy, but fun Christmas Eve in our house...

Caleb has gotten really smiley lately, which we've totally been enjoying!

The first one I caught on camera

With his big sister

Part of the kid's super long car train they made the other day =)

Caleb yawning with his new personalized lovey from Aunt Mary D.

Some of Keenan's Christmas artwork from school
(I admit the angel kind of freaks me out)

This morning, Philip made pigs in a blanket (and taught the kids how). They were soo yummy!


We let them open their stockings this morning. They were sooo excited and appreciative of everything, even though some of the stuff was socks and underwear! So cute...

Excited to open them early!

Spunky got to open one of her gifts too =)

The kids and I decided to make and decorate sugar cookies for Myrtle and a couple new families on our street...

Putting the sugar on

Having so much fun!

My big helpers

So cute in their aprons

All ready to be packaged up

Caleb in his "elf accessories" from Aunt Mary P.


A highlight of the day was getting to do a Skype conference call with my family in Ontario and Mexico at the same time! The video didn't work out so well, but we did get to see most of them at least briefly! =)

This afternoon we went to church with Josh and Rebekah for the Christmas Eve candlelight service (my first ever!)

After church we headed (with Josh and Rebekah) to the house of some friends where a bunch of people (all also here for the holiday) from the residency were getting together for dinner. What a fun, delicious evening!

A Christmas kiss for Joel =)

Big smile

Joel, Moriah and Elise

Rebekah and I (love this girl!)

Caleb and Daddy

Haha, Moriah!

Bedtime story "God Gave us Christmas"

Well, I should get to bed... something tells me there will be some early "pitter patter of little feet" happening in the morning.. =)

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