Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

We had a wonderful Christmas yesterday!

Family picture in Christmas pj's (Caleb is even smiling!)

Big siblings helping Caleb open the first gift

The cars Keenan got for Daddy

Caleb in his monkey hat from Moriah =)

Instead of putting a ton of gift pictures, I decided to just make collage pictures of each of us with a few of our gifts. (I don't really have pictures of Caleb with his stuff, so here's the other four of us:

Happy girl with lots of fun stuff, including her first (pink) lego

Keenan got some cool stuff too - we love the Lite Brite!

I LOVE the hat and mitts I got from Mark and Rebekah! (Blue tooth from Philip on the right)

If you know what Philip's shirt means without help, you're nerdier than I am!
(On the right is a rack for his military coins)

The video below is of one of Keenan's gifts - super cool, but you have to see it to get how it works:

The best part about this toy? I got it on clearance for $3.50!

Myrtle joined us for brunch after gifts. We love her so much!

Myrtle and "her grandkids" (she loved watching them play with their new toys)

Caleb in his fuzzy First Christmas outfit from Grandma Eberts

Sweet, silly, sleepy smile

We had Christmas dinner, "Florida style" (shrimp boil) with Josh and Rebekah and their kids last night.

Rebekah got a couple Bilibos for her boys for Christmas - they are such a universal toy! =)

... like super cool masks! =)

We are really just too awesome =)

YUM!!! (Our kids decided they like shrimp!)

...and more fun with the Bilibo... =)

Caleb liked it too!

We are very blessed in so many ways! Merry Christmas to all!


Brittny said...

We love that thing Keenan got!!! Christopher got a Thomas version for Christmas a couple years ago. My SIL found it on ebay for cheap too and it was the coolest thing! I just sat there and watched it go thinking someone actually came up with all of the tiny details that made this thing happen. Glad you had a great Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Love that picture of your family by the fireplace!! Wow, Caleb is growing so fast!
Belated Merry Christmas from Canada!

Mom W. said...

Dad understood Philip's shirt... I was impressed!!

Fun pictures... love seeing Caleb smile!!