Saturday, December 31, 2011

Big News in 2011

It's that time again. Time to look back on the year. It has been a great one!

In short (sort of)...


We got Spunky!

Moriah got her first stitches =0/

Mom, Jeff and Isaac came to visit


Celebrated Keenan's birthday early

Valentines - An epic photo with Josh and Rebekah =)

Philip left for Afghanistan =(

I cut my hair!


Found out I was pregnant!


Went Strawberry picking

Went up to Canada/MI for a couple weeks

I spent a weekend in Colorado with my Wifia girls!

Easter in Michigan

Walked my friend Laura's 5K in London, On

Celebrated my birthday early with my family at a surprise party!

Celebrated my actual birthday (with another surprise party!) with friends
Thank you Devin and Melissa!

Set up our pool! Thank you Devin, Kyle and Phil!


Took a trip to Mexico with the kids for two weeks

I had a brief period of crazy etch a sketch fever

Father's Day - Philips Three kids =)


Keenan did swim lessons

... and the kids got super comfortable underwater!


My friend, Melissa, left for Kuwait =0/

Second trip to Merritt Island

Pregnant with my sister in law, Jessica =)

The kids got to see Papa!

On the way to Canada, we stopped in Ohio to see Grandma

With my whole family in Ontario

Keenan started school! (VPK)

My friend Laura came to visit (and fell in love with Spunky)

Philip sent me FIFTY roses for our anniversary

PHILIP CAME HOME (after seven and a half months)


My youngest brother Andrew, got engaged to Bethany!

Pumpkin Patch

Rebekah hosted a baby shower for me

Philip and I went away for a weekend

Halloween (ER doctor and Ladybug girl)


Farm Day (and me with a camel)

Caleb was born!!

Our new family of five!

My Grandpa Woodford went home to heaven

Thanksgiving/Christmas in Merritt Island


Moriah turned three

Christmas at home

New Year's Eve


devin said...

Viewed it.
where's my cookie.

Brittny said...

How fun!!! It looks like you had a great time on New Year's Eve. So glad the party hasn't stopped down there and you all are going as strong as ever!

Mom W. said...

Great overview, don't remember EVER seeing the one of your rock band... love it!!

Anonymous said...

What a difficult time you must've had narrowing down to these few photos! Great job.

Mom E said...

What a difficult time you must've had narrowing down to these few photos! Great job.