Thursday, November 3, 2011

While I'm Waiting

So, I'm sure many of you are wondering just Why I am so impatient about this baby making his/her arrival when I'm not even due yet, right?

I don't really know the answer to that myself. I think part of it was getting a "taste of having a baby come early" with Moriah, but the end of this pregnancy has also been Very different than with my other two. With them I felt great right up until I went into labor. With This one - I have had multiple "starts" that I was sure were IT! I have had (inconsistent but) painful contractions for several hours multiple times now, and I am just baffled... which time is going to be "the one"?

I was so sure I was going to have the baby on Tuesday (after contracting all night) that I took Spunky to the kennel... and just went back and picked her up this morning since nothing ended up happening. =)

I have a pretty thick head (I'm glad I can't hear you all shouting "Amen!"), and it has taken me quite a while to think this whole thing through and come around to the thought that, hmm... maybe the Lord is trying to tell me/teach me something through this period of "waiting".

Philip has encouraged me to just enjoy the "now" and these last days with Keenan and Moriah, and not rush into this new phase of life. I know he's right, but I've really struggled with my mind and body being Convinced of one thing, but letting my heart just rest in the Lord's will.

The song "While I'm Waiting" by John Waller (that I first heard on "Fireproof") has really been on my heart recently as time goes by without this baby. Am I going to waste this time, or am I going to use it to glorify Him?

Here's a video of the song:

Please just pray with me that I will thrive in this waiting time, not just survive.


Jessica said...

So well said. I have finally embraced this time of waiting (as I am currently 40 weeks and 3 days!) and am just enjoying every moment with Reagan and Hudson. I know everything is going to change so soon and while I am excited, I am also not feeling in a rush...taking lots of time to get things done, run errands, hang out with the boys, etc. Tuesday early morning when I thought it was "it" and even went to the hospital, I completely stopped my life. I didn't do school with Reagan the next day, I just walked around in this fog thinking that any second I was going to be going back to the hospital. The next morning I woke up and said, I CANNOT stop my life for this. She will come when she comes and I am going to operate as normal until then. :) This is the longest comment on the earth. Love you and am praying for you!!

Laura said...

That's exactly what I needed to hear today as I too am feeling pains of the growing persuasion of our coming little one in my heart.

I can't relate to your physical pain but definitely the ones of the heart. Hang in there and before you know it you'll be holding that amazing little person. I'm so proud of you - you've done so great during this pregnancy!!!

Love you so much!


The Woodfords said...

Great perspective - but still hard for the head and heart to get it together! =)

Praying for you!
Love, Steph

Mom W. said...

Good thoughts, and Jessica's too!! No man can possibly know what it is like but good that we have good men with sensible heads at a time that can be an "unsensible" time for us. I remember and I sure can associate.

Love you, Joia (and waiting for the good news soon!!)

Mom E said...

LOL, and the very next day Jessica gave birth to Adilyn, and just 3 days later, Caleb arrived. It's fun reading this and already knowing how it all turned out...I would guess that is how God must feel, since He can see it all...