Monday, November 14, 2011

One Week Old!

How is it that time creeps by so slowly while the baby is Inside, and then once they come out, it FLIES???

We have had our precious Caleb in our arms for a week already! Philip and I aren't getting much sleep yet, but Caleb is so sweet during the day that he knows we'll forgive him... =)

He and I yesterday on his due date!

We needed Out of the house today so we ran some errands and then went to the library with the Pennys...
Riding a killer whale!

This was followed by Wendy's on the trampoline! It was 75 and gorgeous out - perfect opportunity for us all to get some fresh air!

No bouncing while we eat!

Love this girl

Happy smile!

Keenan got one of Caleb and I

Big yawn!

... and back to sleep

Big sister on duty

Checking out his tiny toes

Love those eyes!

Tiny toes

There's a new doctor in the house =)

Sitting in the Boppy

... where he also sleeps since he's incredibly stuffed up =0/

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Mom E said...

Caleb is so cute!! That picture of Moriah holding Caleb is adorable. Her profile with her long eyelashes is precious. And the yawn, priceless. Glad I got to see you too; good picture taking, Keenan.