Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lovin' on Caleb

We sure are loving the little guy that joined our family this week! Lots of snuggling pictures to come:

Cuddling their baby on our bed

I love how he's snuggled up to Keenan here

Moriah's turn

He looks so HUGE on her!

Funny face

Giving him his very first bottle! (He did great!)

Am I doing this right?

So happy to be helping!

Keenan drew this picture of Caleb - I love it!!

A bit of a smile in his sleep

Daddy giving him a bottle today

I realized I am in none of these pictures, but I sure have been spending a lot of time snuggling him myself... =) Will try get a family picture in the morning before church.


Mom W. said...

Great pictures of a sweet wee boy!!!

Mom E said...

Oh my world, these pictures are so adorable. I loved the one of Caleb in the white outfit and Keenan holding him was so precious. Moria too.

Mom E said...

Moriah. keyboard keys stick and it didn't take the H before I hit publish.