Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hospital Catch Up

Here are a few more pictures from the hospital and a catch up how things have gone since Sunday night.

We had a regular Sunday, ending with small group and dinner at Josh and Rebekah's house. When we got home from their house and had the kids in bed (around 8), I started having contractions, which by 9, I was needing to breath through. I got in the shower, we called Devin and had dropped the kids off and headed to the hospital by 10:30. By this point, the contractions were a few minutes apart and Very painful. We checked in right before 11, I got my epidural around midnight (and felt Amazing!) My water broke (on it's own for the first time), and suddenly I was ready to go! After only five and a half hours from start to finish, we had our son in our arms after three pushes!

What a dream that labor and delivery were! =)

Chubby cheeked cherub

We have a baby with hair!

The kids opening their gifts "from Caleb" =)

Me with the world's sweetest big brother and sister

Cuddling my little man

Even though he weighs a full two pounds more than Moriah did, he still seems to tiny!

Heading home

All buckled in

Moriah was very curious about diaper changes, nursing etc. =)

I had really been looking forward to doing these before and after pictures and I'm really happy with how they turned out!

What a great little package to trade in the belly for!

We are home and have had the most amazing first evening together. Devin got us some amazing pizza from Papa Murphy's for dinner... the kids were stoked to have Caleb home (who slept most of the evening away so we were able to give special attention to Keenan and Moriah). The kids are in bed now, we are enjoying blizzards, and will probably hit the hay soon and see how our first night home with this little guy goes.

I am soo thankful to be feeling so great. I have virtually no pain to speak of and feel like my normal self! Blessed beyond belief...


The Woodfords said...

Glad you're feeling well - hope your night is sleep-filled by everyone! =) Love you all!


Anonymous said...

congratulation Joia and Philip! You have a great little family! Im glad that Keenan and Moriah are so excited to have him home as well! You have a cute little family! Glad you are feeling well too! Cant wait to meet the new little one!
Love you guys!

Rachel and Hans said...

That's awesome about the delivery! Glad everything went so well!

Mom W. said...

Love, love seeing the pictures of wee Caleb, can't wait to cuddle him!! Cool hair!!! Hugs to everyone. Parcel on the way, mailed today!!!

Mom E said...

Your like one of those Hebrew women in the biblical times...pop 'em out and keep on working "in the fields"! What a blessing to be feeling so well.