Thursday, November 10, 2011

Home Life

Things are going swimmingly here in our home. =) Caleb has found his own little niche in our family and we are loving it!

Here are a couple pictures from our time home:

The welcome home sign that Rebekah and Judah made us =)

Proud big siblings =)

Myrtle meeting Caleb

Moriah taking a turn

Spunky meeting Caleb (she is Very curious about him and is puzzled by all his strange little sounds) =)

Moriah and I took Caleb shopping at the mall yesterday, which we quite enjoyed but he slept right through. =)

I took him in to be weighed this morning. He had dropped to 8 lbs and is now back up to 8.6, no worries that this boy isn't eating enough! =)


Mom W. said...

So good to see Myrtle!! and Caleb of course!!!

The Woodfords said...

He looks so tiny in his little seat!! Very sweet!

Love you all!

Mom E said...

I too am glad to see Myrtle (she looks great!), but I can't help but feel a little jealous that she gets to see my grandson before either your mom or I do. ;)