Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Goings On

I've been bad about blogging lately, I guess I've just been having too much fun learning how to parent three kids at the same time.. =)

Look at this awesome car seat blanket that Whitney made for Caleb!

My two oldest cuties being sweet

Moriah looking super cute on her way to MOPS

Caleb's first trip to Chick-fil-A!

My big helper

My handsome two week old!

A rare picture of he and I

Just chillin'

I successfully got his prints for his frame! =)

This is a pretty busy week for us, with Keenan's school Thanksgiving picnic, Caleb's two week check up, having a geo thermal heating system installed, and packing for our trip to Merritt Island this weekend. We are soo excited to be spending it with family and meeting baby Adilyn!

Caleb is gradually starting to sleep better at night. Philip and Keenan have currently switched beds - Keenan sleeps with me and Philip sleeps in Keenan's bed. Why? Because Keenan can sleep right on through Caleb crying when he waked up and Philip can't, so it works best for everyone. =) Philip Is looking forward to Caleb moving out of our room though, since he says our bed is Much more comfortable than Keenan's...

I asked Keenan this morning what he was thankful for and made a list (in his exact words):

My beautiful name =)
Our house
Moses leading God's people out of Egypt (I love this one!)
Baby Caleb
My friends
Our fireplace
Uncle Isaac - he's my best friend


Jessica said...

oh my gosh, I love Keenan's thankful list and I love his beautiful name. :) lol!! See you SOON!

Mom W. said...

Awww Caleb is SO cute... he looks like Philip!! They are all 3 so cute!! Hope you have a good Thanksgiving with Philip's family!!

Mom E said...

Awww, that is sooo sweet abt Uncle Isaac. I will hv to make sure he sees this.