Saturday, November 5, 2011

Farm Day '11

Today was a Gorgeous fall day - perfect weather for our FIFTH annual Farm Day!!

We started off the day with horseback riding...

Love the look on Keenan's face

What a pretty horse!

Happy and ready to go!

Moriah had to spread her legs pretty far to fit on this horse! =)

A wave for me before dismounting

Lookin' like a pro

Still all smiles at the end of her ride

One of the kid's favorite things was playing in the corn troughs

Wow! That's a big belly!

Sweet kiss for a girl with a dirty face =)

On the hay ride
I look Huge here! =)

Riah having fun

Don't try this at home

Delilah, the camel

The fuzziest cow I'd ever seen! (I think it was a miniature)

I always thought camels were kind of cranky, but this one didn't mind being pet at all!

Keenan trying to feed a tortoise

Close up

Here's the baby camel, Naomi

This picture makes me laugh =)

Check out the eyelashes on this thing!

Moriah petting it as it swung over her head

Keenan comes to say hi

Asleep before we'd been on the road for five minutes =)

Very pretty drive - doesn't look much like Florida, does it??

I thought all the walking around might make this little one want to come... not yet. Tomorrow starts week 39. =)

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