Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Catchin' up to How'o'ween

Here's a random collection of pictures from the past few days and from Halloween.

This is a painting Keenan did of me, with my big belly and the baby inside =)

Bedtime stories with Daddy (a favorite since his return)

Moriah hurt herself the other day and the only person she would let snuggle her was Keenan - it was beyond precious!!

We got to hang out with the Storey boys the other evening while Josh and Rebekah went out for dinner...

Moriah Loves holding baby Joel!

Judah and Moriah are good buddies =)

Okay, so she may be enjoying this hug a little more than he is =)

Joel slept quite comfortably on top of our baby (despite getting kicked a lot!)

The kids dressed up and we did a little trick or treating on base tonight. First we went to the hospital to pick up Philip, which was a perfect place to get some pictures of Dr. Keenan!

Watch out, I have an otoscope and I know how to use it!

Checking out his (grumpy) patient's ears

Happier with Daddy
(She's Ladybug girl)

Snacking on the way across base

Moriah's ride between houses

Trick or treat!


Mom W. said...

Cute costumes... No belly pumpkin this year? =)

Anonymous said...

Well, Joia, guess your prediction was wrong that you would have the baby before the end of Oct.! Anxiously waiting for the big news!

Maggie said...

We love Moriah's costume -- the Ladybug Girl books are favourites around here. You did a great job with it! Hoping your baby arrives soon... our third was 11 days late, so I understand how tough the last few weeks get. Hang in there!

Hannah:) said...

Adoreable costumes! Hope baby comes soon! Can't wait to hear the news:)