Saturday, November 26, 2011

Catch up to Thanksgiving

Before I post pictures from here in Merritt Island, I'll do a quick catch up on the last few days at home:

This giraffe onesie is one of our favorites and one that we've taken pictures of all three of our newborns in!


On Tuesday, Moriah and I joined Keenan's class at school for a Thanksgiving picnic.

Indian Keenan with Moriah

His whole class (the women dressed up as the indian and the pilgrim are his teachers)

On Wednesday we had 101 one things to do before our trip. One of them was getting the oil in the van changed. We dropped the van off and walked over to DQ!

Happy kids with butterscotch Dilly Bars

After they finished, they colored for a while until it was time to go pick up the van - pretty fun and relaxing, actually!


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Love the new banner! Happy thanksgiving hope all is well! safe travels!

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A lot of blue alright... nice new header!!!