Saturday, November 26, 2011

Catch up to Thanksgiving

Before I post pictures from here in Merritt Island, I'll do a quick catch up on the last few days at home:

This giraffe onesie is one of our favorites and one that we've taken pictures of all three of our newborns in!


On Tuesday, Moriah and I joined Keenan's class at school for a Thanksgiving picnic.

Indian Keenan with Moriah

His whole class (the women dressed up as the indian and the pilgrim are his teachers)

On Wednesday we had 101 one things to do before our trip. One of them was getting the oil in the van changed. We dropped the van off and walked over to DQ!

Happy kids with butterscotch Dilly Bars

After they finished, they colored for a while until it was time to go pick up the van - pretty fun and relaxing, actually!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Goings On

I've been bad about blogging lately, I guess I've just been having too much fun learning how to parent three kids at the same time.. =)

Look at this awesome car seat blanket that Whitney made for Caleb!

My two oldest cuties being sweet

Moriah looking super cute on her way to MOPS

Caleb's first trip to Chick-fil-A!

My big helper

My handsome two week old!

A rare picture of he and I

Just chillin'

I successfully got his prints for his frame! =)

This is a pretty busy week for us, with Keenan's school Thanksgiving picnic, Caleb's two week check up, having a geo thermal heating system installed, and packing for our trip to Merritt Island this weekend. We are soo excited to be spending it with family and meeting baby Adilyn!

Caleb is gradually starting to sleep better at night. Philip and Keenan have currently switched beds - Keenan sleeps with me and Philip sleeps in Keenan's bed. Why? Because Keenan can sleep right on through Caleb crying when he waked up and Philip can't, so it works best for everyone. =) Philip Is looking forward to Caleb moving out of our room though, since he says our bed is Much more comfortable than Keenan's...

I asked Keenan this morning what he was thankful for and made a list (in his exact words):

My beautiful name =)
Our house
Moses leading God's people out of Egypt (I love this one!)
Baby Caleb
My friends
Our fireplace
Uncle Isaac - he's my best friend

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Grandpa's Funeral

Through the wonder of technology, I was able to "be at" my Grandpa's funeral yesterday via Skype! The video below is of my Dad and four brothers singing, "I Shall Know Him". Grandpa, when asked what he was looking forward to the most about heaven said, "I want to see Him First!"

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Please Join Me in Prayer

I just found out some prayer requests this morning through my MOPS group. Even though I don't know these people I feel very compelled to share their stories so that we as a body can lift them up.

The first is for the Haverard family. The mom delivered twins 2 weeks ago and just died of a heart attack. (I felt nauseous when I read this - I Cannot imagine!) They also have 3 older children, one of which is an 8 year old boy who is not showing any emotion yet about his mom's death. Our MOPS group is going to help out with their needs for the newborns, but please, please pray for this dear family!

The other is for a friend of my friend, Kelly. She was just diagnosed with luekemia, only weeks after finding out that her 4 year old has a brain tumor. They are both now being cared for in the same hospital. Please lift up this family also (I don't know any names here).

Monday, November 14, 2011

One Week Old!

How is it that time creeps by so slowly while the baby is Inside, and then once they come out, it FLIES???

We have had our precious Caleb in our arms for a week already! Philip and I aren't getting much sleep yet, but Caleb is so sweet during the day that he knows we'll forgive him... =)

He and I yesterday on his due date!

We needed Out of the house today so we ran some errands and then went to the library with the Pennys...
Riding a killer whale!

This was followed by Wendy's on the trampoline! It was 75 and gorgeous out - perfect opportunity for us all to get some fresh air!

No bouncing while we eat!

Love this girl

Happy smile!

Keenan got one of Caleb and I

Big yawn!

... and back to sleep

Big sister on duty

Checking out his tiny toes

Love those eyes!

Tiny toes

There's a new doctor in the house =)

Sitting in the Boppy

... where he also sleeps since he's incredibly stuffed up =0/

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Welcome Home, Wilf

My Grandpa Wilf, (my dad's dad and my last living grandparent), went home to be with his Savior this afternoon. His health had fairly rapidly decreased over the past few months and weeks and he just wanted to go "home". That wish was granted today.

He was, number one, looking forward to seeing Jesus, and then I'm sure to be reunited with my Grandma, who went on ahead of him last year, as well as his daughter, Elizabeth, who died over 30 years ago.

What a legacy he has left behind. He was such a man of God, with a tender spirit, a great sense of humor and a kind heart. He is greatly missed, but we would never wish him back from where he is now.

The kids and I visiting him in April

Letting them play with his automatic chair

My last picture of him, August 2011

I love you Grandpa and look forward to seeing you again one day!

I am very sad to not be able to go up for the funeral. Philip doesn't think it's wise for Caleb and I to be flying only ten days after his birth.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lovin' on Caleb

We sure are loving the little guy that joined our family this week! Lots of snuggling pictures to come:

Cuddling their baby on our bed

I love how he's snuggled up to Keenan here

Moriah's turn

He looks so HUGE on her!

Funny face

Giving him his very first bottle! (He did great!)

Am I doing this right?

So happy to be helping!

Keenan drew this picture of Caleb - I love it!!

A bit of a smile in his sleep

Daddy giving him a bottle today

I realized I am in none of these pictures, but I sure have been spending a lot of time snuggling him myself... =) Will try get a family picture in the morning before church.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Home Life

Things are going swimmingly here in our home. =) Caleb has found his own little niche in our family and we are loving it!

Here are a couple pictures from our time home:

The welcome home sign that Rebekah and Judah made us =)

Proud big siblings =)

Myrtle meeting Caleb

Moriah taking a turn

Spunky meeting Caleb (she is Very curious about him and is puzzled by all his strange little sounds) =)

Moriah and I took Caleb shopping at the mall yesterday, which we quite enjoyed but he slept right through. =)

I took him in to be weighed this morning. He had dropped to 8 lbs and is now back up to 8.6, no worries that this boy isn't eating enough! =)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hospital Catch Up

Here are a few more pictures from the hospital and a catch up how things have gone since Sunday night.

We had a regular Sunday, ending with small group and dinner at Josh and Rebekah's house. When we got home from their house and had the kids in bed (around 8), I started having contractions, which by 9, I was needing to breath through. I got in the shower, we called Devin and had dropped the kids off and headed to the hospital by 10:30. By this point, the contractions were a few minutes apart and Very painful. We checked in right before 11, I got my epidural around midnight (and felt Amazing!) My water broke (on it's own for the first time), and suddenly I was ready to go! After only five and a half hours from start to finish, we had our son in our arms after three pushes!

What a dream that labor and delivery were! =)

Chubby cheeked cherub

We have a baby with hair!

The kids opening their gifts "from Caleb" =)

Me with the world's sweetest big brother and sister

Cuddling my little man

Even though he weighs a full two pounds more than Moriah did, he still seems to tiny!

Heading home

All buckled in

Moriah was very curious about diaper changes, nursing etc. =)

I had really been looking forward to doing these before and after pictures and I'm really happy with how they turned out!

What a great little package to trade in the belly for!

We are home and have had the most amazing first evening together. Devin got us some amazing pizza from Papa Murphy's for dinner... the kids were stoked to have Caleb home (who slept most of the evening away so we were able to give special attention to Keenan and Moriah). The kids are in bed now, we are enjoying blizzards, and will probably hit the hay soon and see how our first night home with this little guy goes.

I am soo thankful to be feeling so great. I have virtually no pain to speak of and feel like my normal self! Blessed beyond belief...