Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sweet Family Time

We took the kids to the park on base this morning to burn off some energy. They had SO much fun chasing up and down and all around and hiding with Philip! =)

Moriah got caught!

Keenan on one side of the playground, taunting Philip, "You'll never catch me!"

I guess he was wrong =)

Overseeing Moriah climbing this for the first time

Fun picture through a hole (Moriah thought it was too sunny)

Yup, this handsome guy is MY husband! =)

Looking up at Keenan through the tire tunnel

They did some Crazy swinging on here!

Family picture (with no one crying this time)

This evening we went to a staff function where Philip got to see a bunch of his coworkers for the first time in seven months, and also meet a bunch of new people who came on staff at Eglin while he was gone. It was a great time with good food and good friends!

Philip actually managed to stay up later than the kids tonight - we're making progress! =)


Jessica said...

you cannot even tell you are pregnant in the family pic! Can't wait to see you guys. :)

Hannah:) said...

Love the pics Joia! Quality family time indeed:)

denise said...

so CUTE!!!

Mom W. said...

Great pictures Joia. Looks so... normal!!