Monday, October 3, 2011

He's really home =)

It is still taking me some time to fully believe that Philip is here, in our home, with us! It's sooo strange to finally be on the "other side" of the homecoming that we have anticipated for so long!

The kids are in heaven having him here to wrestle, tickle, chase, build towers with, etc... and he is totally enjoying it, too! =)

It's so nice having him around to help with things, without even being asked... two adults makes Such a difference!

We went to Dairy Queen tonight (Philip's first in seven months)...

The kid side of the table

Us (not sure why I look like a linebacker here)


Flakymn said...

Dairy Queen! Aaaahhhh!!!

So happy for you guys (but almost more jealous seeing that ice cream.)

Mom W. said...

Yep... He's home!!!!!!

Mom W. said...

Nice Header!!!!!!!!

Hannah:) said...

So happy for ya to Joia! Love the blog layout!
Take care (hugs)