Saturday, October 15, 2011

Baby Shower!

Before I get to shower pictures...

Moriah and I went to the BX this morning to see a special visitor... Cinderella!

Moriah dressed up to have her picture taken with her =)

Getting a goodie bag from the princess =)

Rebekah hosted a baby shower for me this morning at her house. In true Rebekah fashion, she went all out with the details, and everything was Gorgeous! The weather was beautiful (although NOT fall-like at all!) and we actually ended up inside instead of out on the deck because of the heat!

The pretty table
Some of my favorites were the homemade chive scones (with cream cheese and ham) and the coconut custard pie!

Rebekah made this adorable wall art/game board
Each guest used a tile to write down their guesses for the baby's gender, birth date, time and weight

Super cute diaper cake
(She made the booties on top, and the middle is super cute and soft burp cloths that she also made!)

Candy filled baby food jars for game prizes

Rebekah and Tracy

Two of the pregos, Robyn and I

Profile shot =) (She's due in two weeks!)

Rebekah and I - you are a truly amazing friend!

All of the gifts laid out at home - we are so blessed!

Philip and Keenan are having a Great time in Michigan (despite the Wolverine's loss today). Philip has actually skyped several times throughout the day, including from the reception, where I was able to watch the whole wedding party come in! Coolio!


Rebekah Storey said...

I'm glad you are having a baby! I can't wait to meet that little beauty, whoever it may be! Thank you for letting me host a shower for you! I really had fun putting it together!

Aunt Heather said...

Who got married?

Joia said...

Aunt Heather, Philip's cousin, Angela, got married. =)

Anonymous said...

Fun shower, not too many girls get a shower for their 3rd baby!!! You are blessed!!

Mom W. said...

Woops the last one was me... =/