Friday, September 23, 2011

World Traveling Blooms

Well, just in case you thought my husband couldn't get any more awesome... he can. =)

The FedEx man delivered two huge boxes this morning... containing Fifty Long Stemmed Roses from my man. They are an early anniversary gift, since he wasn't able to have them delivered on Sunday. This will be our 7th anniversary, so he said "There's seven for each year and one to grow on!"

How gorgeous are these??

I think I'll divide them up more so I can enjoy them all around the house!

Sooo pretty

These flowers have been in transit for the past three days!

It did not go unnoticed that they grew in the country where Philip and I fell in love!

Philip, you never cease to amaze me. I do not deserve you, but am so blessed to call you my husband. Happy Anniversary.


Dana said...

They are gorgeous!! I'm amazed how great they look after three days of travel, that's awesome. An amazing man you have :)

Brittny said...

I was just thinking today he should be coming back soon! I know you can't wait!! You have been such an inspiration to me in how to handle deployments. Bless you and your family and can't wait to see all of you together again!!! (And find out when he/she is here!!!)

Mom W. said...

Happy Anniversary tomorrow Philip and Joia!!!!!

Hannah:) said...

Happy Anniversary Joia and Philip! It's amazing how well they look after that many days of travel!!