Saturday, September 17, 2011

Visit to Labor and Delivery, etc

I was a pretty sick puppy yesterday. (Likely linked to the sickness the kids had five days ago) The day started out with diarrhea, stomach cramps and nausea, and throughout the day, I got feeling increasingly worse with heartburn, back pain, fever and chills. Being on my own with the kids and not having Philip here to help or get feedback from was incredibly difficult.

By early evening, I was miserable and broke down into tears. Keenan started bawling too and said, "I feel so bad that you're sick!" He then proceeded to be a Huge help by rinsing Moriah's hair, helping her out of the tub, and drying her off!

After talking to one of our doctor friends, Josh, I decided to head into L and D, just to get checked out and be on the safe side. Devin took the kids for the night.

They checked me in and found out (as I suspected) that I was really dehydrated. They gave me a liter of intravenous fluid as well as some medication for nausea and the heartburn. I felt Much better when I left the hospital, but had a pretty rough night of sleep, since the heartburn returned and I was also having some pretty intense discomfort from the vericose veins in my legs.

Today's goal: Drink. Drink. Drink. =)

Keenan has really been enjoying school and I am daily amazed at what he's learning and new skills he's developing! Before starting school, he didn't really draw specific things, he would mostly just scribble. Now he has taken off!

One of his recent favorites are rainbows =)

His name =)

A picture of himself =)

For the first time (that I know of) Keenan and Moriah were "playing house" this morning, with him being the Daddy and her being the Mommy...

The two of them with their Six babies piled in the stroller!
(Keenan looks a little spacey, which I suppose is a realistic look for a dad of sextuplets) =)

Yesterday while Moriah was still napping, and I was lying in bed, Keenan brought some blocks in and sat beside me and built this monster. At the end, he added all the skinnier pieces at the bottom. I assumed they were legs of some sort, but he gave me a (surprisingly detailed) description of what everything was, so I decided to share it with you: =)
(You may need to click on the picture to read everything)

That's my boy!


Eva said...

'no scribble scrambles!!!'
L :)

Anonymous said...


I can't believe he has a battery AND a battery charger! Uncle Mark will be so proud!

I'm glad to hear you're okay! Take care of yourself lady!

Love you,

Rebekah :)

The Woodfords said...

So sorry to hear you felt so bad! 10 X worse when you're alone! =P Glad you're feeling a bit better, and praying you'll be "top drawer" soon! =)

Keenan's drawings are great! It's so fun once they're drawing things that are recognizable (to you!)!!

Love ya,

Brittny said...

LOVE his name and his robot description! I remember when Christopher started doing those things and it was so fun to watch him learn to draw and write his name and put on paper what was in his little head. I'm so sorry you were sick!!! I had that happen when I was around 35 or 36 weeks with Sophie. Thankfully we had friends in town (funny thing to say when you are sick) with more coming that day. I got up from breakfast to go to the bathroom and never came back out. Brandon had been on call and when he got home he came in to find me curled up on the bathroom floor. I don't remember which end was upset, but it made me start contracting and I was afraid to move b/c I didn't want to upset anything anymore. Not sure what started it, maybe some food I ate was too sweet, b/c at that point in my pregnancies everything either agreed with me or it didn't. I was dehydrated with both pregnancies and it is miserable!!! I'm so glad you are feeling better and you hang in there these last few weeks!!!! Will be praying for you!!!!!!!! : )

Mom W. said...

Quite the robot!!! Sorry you were sick Joia... and so far away =(