Thursday, September 22, 2011


I can't divulge any travel information or dates, but Philip will be home to us SOON!!

It probably seems that in the nearly seven months that he's been gone, I haven't talked about him much. This is true, because, other than saying that I miss him terribly, but that he's doing well, there wasn't much to say, since his activities there are so confidential. I do, however have a few things to say now:

He has, in my opinion, been the "model deployed spouse".

He has made contact with us (either by phone or Skype) at every chance he gets, usually phone twice a day and skype once or twice a week.

He has been a Very faithful letter writer and has sent Many letters to me and the kids. He's also sent me a ton of funny comic strips that he's enjoyed and cut out, knowing that they would brighten my day with a smile or chuckle when they arrived. It was fun to be laughing at the same things that he was so far away. =)

He sent me the most beautiful roses for mother's day, knowing that the day wasn't the same without him here for me.

Even though he was able to say almost nothing about what was going on with him each day, he still listened to me talk about all the mundane details of life here at home each day. =)

He sent funny animated e-cards to brighten our days, and wrote special emails to the kids if he found out they had done something special.

Researched and found some great articles published by Focus on the Family about the changes that we'll face as a family upon his return and sent them to me so we can have realistic expectations about his homecoming.

Has continued to take care of our finances while he's been away, as well as ordering things online that we've needed (new phones, a pool vacuum, etc). He has tried to be as much help to me as he can, even from far away.

Philip, you rock and this wife, the two kids and the teeny baby that live here are soooo looking forward to seeing you soon!

We love you.


Mom W. said...

Yay, so glad!!! The post shows up now! =)

DanaT said...


Aunt Heather said...

Faithfulness and love. Have a great reunion!

Hannah said...

Can't wait to hear when he's finally home Joia!! Thinkin of you both:)

The Woodfords said...

Soooo happy for all of you that he's almost home!!!!! =)

Love, Steph