Sunday, September 4, 2011

Round Two with the Martins... and R-A-I-N

Sean Martin was in Philip's residency class. He and his beautiful wife, Johanna and their two kids, Kiara and Sebastian moved to DC last year after graduation, where they were joined by baby Guilianna Sky. They are now back at Eglin, and the kids and I got to get back together with them (in the same house they lived in before!) for Guilianna's first birthday party on Saturday.

A year is a long time in our kid's lives and none of them remembered each other, but seemed to get along well anyway. Guilianna is a sweetheart and the party was a fun way for us to spend a rainy day, reconnecting with friends instead of being stuck home.

The kids LOVED this ball (the kind that collapses down really small)

The adorable cake!

Sean and Johanna with their kids (the two girls on the far left are birthday guests)

Sweet Guilianna

Keenan takes a whack at the pinata (noticed the raised leg!)

Moriah's turn (she did Not inflict much damage)

The mad scramble when the candy came out

Almost all of the kids (and only two adults) braved the rain to swim in the pool!

We have been getting some tropical storm effects and a TON of rain! It rained for a large part of the day Saturday and Dumped down all night long! Sometime in the night the power went off, and I was joined by two little people in my bed. They are both used to night lights so I had to light a candle before they were able to get back to sleep.

It was still out when we got up for church and I did Not want to open the fridge or freezer, so for breakfast we had pancakes (I have an awesome "only add water" mix) on our (super handy in this situation) gas stove. =) It rained more yesterday and a bunch more last night, its now getting windy and the sky is a funky color - we'll see what's in store. Great Labor Day weather! =0/

My friend, Laura, flies in tonight for a week long visit. I'm Really hoping she doesn't get held up on her way today!

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