Saturday, September 10, 2011

Picture Post

Here are a few pictures from the last couple of days:

In the pool yesterday. Due to all the rain we've had, along with a couple of cool days, the pool was COLD! The coldest it has ever been! I had a hard time getting in, but outlasted both kids (for the first time ever)

Me and my girl

Both goggled kiddos

Here are a couple pictures from Laura's camera, from when she watched the kids for me the other morning (and I forgot to mention, she folded my laundry, too!)

Breakfast in safari hats

It's always important to get a good breakfast before heading out to hunt lions

Love this! =)

How I found Moriah sleeping the other night

Moriah and Laura just chillin'

Yesterday morning we met up with Rebekah and her kids and Megan, a med student's wife and her kids at the Niceville Children's park...

Crazy drivers!

Big smiles

Moriah is quite the climber!

Cute picture with Elijah on top of the rock wall

Both kids have had some bug going on the last 24 hours or so. Both had fevers, and Keenan is feeling better today, but Moriah has puked three times today. I feel so bad for her feeling so miserable. This also meant Laura and I had to cancel our date to Melting Pot tonight. =0/

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