Friday, September 30, 2011

The Homecoming

After MUCH anticipation (especially the last week). The day finally arrived when we could say "Philip is coming home TODAY!" What a crazy day, everything felt strange and the clock moved sooo slowly!

After making sure the whole house was spic and span and ready for his arrival,

I painted the back window of the van,

Hung up his welcome sign outside,
Keenan painted in "Welcome Home" all by himself!

...and we were ready to head to the airport!

We got a special pass that allowed us to go through security and wait for him at his gate, which was pretty cool.

The wait was really starting to drive the kids crazy...

Where IS he??

Our welcome poster and balloons

First glimpse of his plane!

Waiting to catch sight of him (he was in one of the very back rows on the plane!)

Aaahhh! There he is!

A long overdue hug for this boy from his dad

At this point many of the passengers waiting around us burst into applause - it was pretty touching.

Riah gets in on it

First of many kisses for Moriah

... and for Keenan

No words

Carrying both of them!

My turn

First family picture!

Happy, happy, happy!


It was so awesome that Philip's boss and several other staff and spouses from the hospital came to welcome him home!!

By this point, Keenan already just wanted to take Daddy home

We had to wait around a bit for his luggage to come and then he had to pass off his guns to someone from base before we could head home.



Tickle fight on our bed =)

Philip brought the kids some authentic Afghani clothing:

Keenan's shirt (man dress) was a little big, we didn't even attempt the pants!

With the embroidered vest

Moriah in her adorable outfit!

Keenan proudly showing Philip the PILE of stuff he has brought home from school so far

Philip was exhausted (he'd been up since 3:30 this morning) and was asleep before 8:45!

After being tucked in by their Daddy, Keenan and Moriah both stayed in their beds tonight for the first time in a long time.... it's good to be a family again. =)


Jessica-the proud little sister! said...

oh man, those pictures made me absolutely lose it. I am so happy that he is home safe and sound where he belongs. Thank you so much Philip for serving our country and to Joia, Keenan and Moriah for sacrificing so much! Love you guys. See you soon!!! Jessica

Rabens Family said...

Welcome Home, Philip! We are so happy that your family is back together again. Great pictures!

Wegner Family said...

These pictures made me cry too! I am so glad that he is back home, safe and sound. Enjoy your family time!

Brittny said...

Welcome home!!!!! Seeing the kids hug their daddy made me lose it!!! Can't wait to get there too! Hope you have a fabulous weekend together as a family again. : )

Hannah:) said...

Those pictures are definately worth more than a 1000 words! Was just moved to tears with the homecoming! Thank you Philip for serving for our country! Joia you really amaze me! I'm sure it was not easy being a single mom for 6 months and always having a smile! So So SO glad you are back as a family again. Take care and hope to talk soon:)

Mom W. said...

Wow, it is embarrassing to cry in the library!!

Welcome home Philip and thank you God for keeping him safe!!

Loved the pictures and so glad the kids warmed up RIGHT away, wondered about Riah... SO all good!!

Love you all, Mom

The Woodfords said...

Totally crying here. So happy and thankful!

Love you guys!

Trevor & Liz Griffin said...

How can you NOT cry looking at these! SO SO SO happy for your little family to be back together again Joia!

Becky said...

You've totally got me crying now too! So so happy for you guys! And Welcome Home Philip!

Anonymous said...

Ok even this stone is crying. I love you all so much and am so proud ot all you friends. I admire all four of you for doing so great during this very stretching experience.

Now if only I could visit again once the baby was here.

Love you and so proud!!!


Bonnie Sharp said...

Smiling thru my tears! Wow~so happy that he is safely home and you back to being a family again. God is so Good!

Patricia said...

Hi! I'm a cousin of Bonnie's-we likely met at Steph and Tim's wedding:) So happy for you that your husband is safely home again.'How good in the God we adore!'

Lisa said...

You don't know me but I'm a faithful reader and have been for a while...these pictures made me cry too! So happy Philip is home and Joia, you have absolutely amazed me at your attitude the whole time. To be pregnant, have 2 kids, and a husband that is deployed....I am amazed by you and your family! Enjoy your time together!

Liz said...

Just like Steph, totally crying. You are an amazing family.
Lots of Love.

Angela Saunders said...

I had tears in my eyes as I looked at the pictures. I'm so glad you are together again!!!! I too want to say thank you for your sacrifice! Joia, you were such an example to me of cheerfully being without your husband for a long time. And how to do it with God's strength. And Philip, you did so well at loving your family from afar! Thank you!

Rachel and Hans said...

Tears here, too! Thank you, Phillip for your service. So glad you guys are back together!

Jenny said...

I'm also a faithful reader (friend of Wendi's), and was so happy to read this post. What beautiful pictures! A huge thank you to your husband for his service, and to you for allowing him to serve. You are all heros!

St Augustine, FL Kathy said...
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St Augustine, FL Kathy said...

From Ian and Jeneile's Mom....
AWESOME! Thanks for serving our country Philip! Thanks for sharing Joia!

Anonymous said...

I'm SO SO SO SO SO SO happy for you all! Welcome home Philip! I'm so glad you're all back together again! Joia, you did an amazing job. Philip, you too!
Love you guys so much,
PS- I didn't think I needed to say it since it was obvious, but I was completely crying too. Loved your pictures Joia!