Monday, September 12, 2011

31 weeks and counting...

We're counting down to this baby, AND counting down the few remaining weeks until Philip is home! Things are going to get a little crazy around here as I continue to get more excited and out of my mind... =)

Laura left this morning. =0/ The kids and I (and Spunky) miss her already, but I know that her husband, Nathan, will be Very happy to have her back!

We had Such a wonderful week together - Laura THANK YOU so much for coming! =)

Keenan doctoring Spunky

After three days of pretty severe sickness, Moriah is finally coming out of it. She was Miserable!

Snuggling with me on Friday

Several times she just lay down on the floor in the playroom all by herself =0/

Laura and Spunky had a bit of a love affair going on during her visit =)

Laura and the kids before church

One of my favorite pregnancy pics =)

Water side profile

Moriah swingin'

Keenan on top of the jungle gym

I love this one of Laura

Getting their feet wet (Moriah felt the need to pull up her dress)

Laura and I
Me and the baby bump on the dock

Laura and I are expecting together!
(I'm pregnant and she is awaiting her child(ren) by adoption!)

Spunky and Keenan kissing


Anonymous said...

Love the pics!!! So glad I could come before both of our lives get busier!!!

I always dreamed of us being 'expectant' mums together and what do ya know? It happened!!

Love you so much!!!

Brittny said...

So fun and so cute! You look awesome and I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy has gone by! Sounds like you have LOTS of excitement coming your way over the next couple weeks. : )

Flakymn said...

Is Laura adopting? Could I get some details on that?

Mom W. said...

Beautiful pics. So glad Riah is feeling better!!

Sorry Laura is gone... but so glad she could be there for a visit!!

Love you, excited for you and still praying!!

denise said...

what an amazing blessing to have a friend there to help during the sickness. I'm so glad you didn't have to do all that alone!