Friday, September 30, 2011

The Homecoming

After MUCH anticipation (especially the last week). The day finally arrived when we could say "Philip is coming home TODAY!" What a crazy day, everything felt strange and the clock moved sooo slowly!

After making sure the whole house was spic and span and ready for his arrival,

I painted the back window of the van,

Hung up his welcome sign outside,
Keenan painted in "Welcome Home" all by himself!

...and we were ready to head to the airport!

We got a special pass that allowed us to go through security and wait for him at his gate, which was pretty cool.

The wait was really starting to drive the kids crazy...

Where IS he??

Our welcome poster and balloons

First glimpse of his plane!

Waiting to catch sight of him (he was in one of the very back rows on the plane!)

Aaahhh! There he is!

A long overdue hug for this boy from his dad

At this point many of the passengers waiting around us burst into applause - it was pretty touching.

Riah gets in on it

First of many kisses for Moriah

... and for Keenan

No words

Carrying both of them!

My turn

First family picture!

Happy, happy, happy!


It was so awesome that Philip's boss and several other staff and spouses from the hospital came to welcome him home!!

By this point, Keenan already just wanted to take Daddy home

We had to wait around a bit for his luggage to come and then he had to pass off his guns to someone from base before we could head home.



Tickle fight on our bed =)

Philip brought the kids some authentic Afghani clothing:

Keenan's shirt (man dress) was a little big, we didn't even attempt the pants!

With the embroidered vest

Moriah in her adorable outfit!

Keenan proudly showing Philip the PILE of stuff he has brought home from school so far

Philip was exhausted (he'd been up since 3:30 this morning) and was asleep before 8:45!

After being tucked in by their Daddy, Keenan and Moriah both stayed in their beds tonight for the first time in a long time.... it's good to be a family again. =)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

He's HOME!!!!

Will post more (with pictures) tomorrow, but wanted to announce, with joy, that Philip is home!! After 222 long days, it is sooo amazing to have him home! Not real yet, but amazing!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Red, White and Blue

Philip is back in the U.S. of A! Not home yet, but back on good ole' American soil. =) He has some in-processing to do at another base before he can fly home.

After checking into his hotel last night, he picked up his first American food... Taco Bell. Seriously?? What was he thinking?? Of All the options! Oh well... =)

Stay tuned for a homecoming post! =)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Seven Years!

Today Philip and I celebrate our Seventh Wedding Anniversary far apart, but not for long!

Last year, I had some pictures done in my wedding dress as a gift for Philip, and this is what he got:

This year, the dress wasn't happening, and This is what he gets! =)

Sorry babe.. =)

While I so wish we were together today, I am here, surrounded by roses everywhere, and so happy to know that you are homeward bound! Philip, you are amazing, the perfect man for me, and I am beyond blessed that God ever brought you into my life. Hurry up and get home!

A couple other prego snaps:

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Awesome video =)

Thanks for sharing, Mom!

Friday, September 23, 2011

World Traveling Blooms

Well, just in case you thought my husband couldn't get any more awesome... he can. =)

The FedEx man delivered two huge boxes this morning... containing Fifty Long Stemmed Roses from my man. They are an early anniversary gift, since he wasn't able to have them delivered on Sunday. This will be our 7th anniversary, so he said "There's seven for each year and one to grow on!"

How gorgeous are these??

I think I'll divide them up more so I can enjoy them all around the house!

Sooo pretty

These flowers have been in transit for the past three days!

It did not go unnoticed that they grew in the country where Philip and I fell in love!

Philip, you never cease to amaze me. I do not deserve you, but am so blessed to call you my husband. Happy Anniversary.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I can't divulge any travel information or dates, but Philip will be home to us SOON!!

It probably seems that in the nearly seven months that he's been gone, I haven't talked about him much. This is true, because, other than saying that I miss him terribly, but that he's doing well, there wasn't much to say, since his activities there are so confidential. I do, however have a few things to say now:

He has, in my opinion, been the "model deployed spouse".

He has made contact with us (either by phone or Skype) at every chance he gets, usually phone twice a day and skype once or twice a week.

He has been a Very faithful letter writer and has sent Many letters to me and the kids. He's also sent me a ton of funny comic strips that he's enjoyed and cut out, knowing that they would brighten my day with a smile or chuckle when they arrived. It was fun to be laughing at the same things that he was so far away. =)

He sent me the most beautiful roses for mother's day, knowing that the day wasn't the same without him here for me.

Even though he was able to say almost nothing about what was going on with him each day, he still listened to me talk about all the mundane details of life here at home each day. =)

He sent funny animated e-cards to brighten our days, and wrote special emails to the kids if he found out they had done something special.

Researched and found some great articles published by Focus on the Family about the changes that we'll face as a family upon his return and sent them to me so we can have realistic expectations about his homecoming.

Has continued to take care of our finances while he's been away, as well as ordering things online that we've needed (new phones, a pool vacuum, etc). He has tried to be as much help to me as he can, even from far away.

Philip, you rock and this wife, the two kids and the teeny baby that live here are soooo looking forward to seeing you soon!

We love you.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cuties in My House

There's some pretty cute cuties living with me... =)

A before school kiss


Going for a ride

And yes, we have a furry cutie too...

Laura gave me a much needed reminder when she was here, just how well behaved a dog Spunky is and how sweet and good she is with our kids. She sure is pretty cute when she's sleeping. =)

Monday, September 19, 2011

A few pictures from our day

Some New Favorites

I whipped up some "soft serve ice cream" this morning in just a few minutes!

How delicious does this look??

How did I do this, you might ask? Well, with my new best friend in the kitchen...

My food processor... and some frozen bananas.

My friend, Laura, had told me about this amazingly easy and healthy dessert, but I was a little skeptical until I tried it last night. Really? How can frozen bananas turn into something that's the consistency of soft serve ice cream??

Here's how:

1. Freeze a couple ripe (not overripe), peeled bananas.
2. Put them in your food processor.

You'll want to use the top "grater attachment" at first, since they're so hard

After that's done, it'll look a little like shredded cheese.

Then put the regular chopping blade on, add a generous splash of vanilla or natural maple syrup and a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter and whip it up!

Voila! Soft serve!
(You could put it back in the freezer after it's blended if you wanted it a little thicker)

It. Is. Amazing. I can't tell you how excited I was when I ate this the first time (and the kids loved it, too!) How exciting to have "ice cream" without all the junk!

You can make this Totally healthy and natural by using natural peanut butter and dark chocolate!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Get us out of the House!!

We were getting some serious cabin fever around here, so after a quick trip to Wal-Mart for some essentials (ginger ale, Lysol wipes, etc) and naps, we decided to get out of the house and head to the park...

While Moriah was napping, Keenan busted out the Alphabet Cheez-its...

... and immediately spelled his name =)

Groovin' to a music video of his favorite Christ Tomlin song

Off to the park, where we needed:

Some of this...

Little cold at first, Moriah?

Much better

How handsome is this boy??

Funky beach hair

and we did some of this

Favorite picture of the day

Love this

These had to come along

I just asked them to look at the boat, they chose to hold hands =)

A fun edit

Cheez-it intials =)

Hoping the sun rises on a much healthier day in our house tomorrow! =)