Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wrap up of Canada Trip Aug 2011

Here are the pictures from the last couple days of our trip to Ontario:

Marika helping Uncle Andrew mix up the dough for his famous cinnamon rolls

Ada and her boys, Joshua and Brayden

"Christmas stockings" for the kids

Sweet Alisa (with her toes sticking through her blanket)

My eldest niece, Marika, got glasses just before we left!

Moriah holding Alisa

Giving kisses (wanted or not)

Rebekah and I

Time for goodbye hugs... =(

Mika and Moriah

Keenan and Auntie Steph

The kids with my parents right before we pulled out on Saturday morning

Keenan jumping in (the pool they had been waiting to get in All day!!)

Both kids (this was after they had been in the hot tub and jumped Right back into the cold pool!)

Moriah makes a splash

Watching TV on the bed

On Sunday morning, we headed to IKEA before hitting the road (mainly to pick up a few items for my friend, Rebekah). We got there at 9, they don't open until 10, so (with the help of the GPS) we found a Great playground nearby where the kids played and the dog got to run around. When the store opened, I dropped Keenan at the (AMAZING) kid's play area, and Moriah and I quickly found the things that Rebekah wanted... and some pretty cool stuff for ourselves, too! It's a Very good thing there isn't one of these closer to home... =)

We are home, not unpacked yet, but glad to be back in our own beds! Keenan started preschool today! I can't believe it! More on that soon...


Anonymous said...

what a great picture of your parents and the kids!!

Rebekah Storey said...

And thank you thank you thank you for stopping for us! I'm jealous that you got to go!

Mom W. said...