Monday, August 8, 2011

South Carolina

We are in South Carolina. Yesterday's drive went Amazingly well with only One stop!

We are staying with the Barron's, the parents of Andrew's girlfriend, Bethany. They are super nice and have a beautiful home. We got a massive bedroom and bathroom all to ourselves, so we have been Very comfortable. =)

Andrew pushing the kids on the swing in the backyard

The boys on the swing while Moriah tries to push them!
(See her pink dress and tiny feet behind the swing?)

Playing cars in the living room
(Notice Moriah's three purple bandaids? Both kids fell and scraped up their knees on the driveway within an hour of us arriving - 6 bandaids between the two!)

Keenan Loved this wagon and enjoyed giving rides to anyone who wanted one!

Biggest bubble bath ever in the huge tub! =)

Bubble beard

Bubble mask

On to Ohio...

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Mom W. said...

Yikes, I hope you are arriving today, looked like you were still in SC yesterday????