Monday, August 8, 2011

Ohio and Beyond

Catching up here... we arrived at Philip's Grandma Eberts' house on Monday evening. The kids were sooo ready to be there and get in the pool!

We had a good time in the pool, Grandma served us a Huge and delicious meal beside the pool and we all got a great night's sleep before devouring a Huge breakfast and hitting the road yesterday morning. What a great stop!

Keenan in some goofy goggles

Moriah goes off the slide!


Off the diving board!!

Love this one of Keenan

Keenan getting towed around by Uncle Andrew

Happy dude

Over to the playground...



Love that hair!

Mischievous look

Spunky love

Balancing dude

Keenan and Uncle Andrew in the bus =)

Helping hand

How Moriah has changed since we were at this same playground last August!

A picture with Grandma before we left

We had another good travel day and arrived at my parent's house last night at dinner time. Pork chops, salad from the garden, fresh corn on the cob and peach pie for dessert! Woohoo!

Fun family gathering at my aunt and uncle's cottage later today - will post again soon.

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Liz said...

Joia, you're kids are such water babies! I love it.
Thinking of you,