Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Family Fun Day

Our Family Get Together 2011 is off to a great start! It's so fun having everyone together! As I usually do when I'm around my siblings, I stayed up much to late (12:30) last night, but we are having a ton of fun!

Steph and Alisa

Some onions and garlic from my mom's garden drying on the porch

My dad giving some of the kids a ride in the wheelbarrow

I love Keenan's expression here

Grandpa's in the swing!

This morning, instead of going to an overpriced nearby zoo, we decided to take all the kids to the park - they were just as happy!

Keenan and Shaelyn in some sort of power struggle

My younger brother, Andrew, on his stilts!

Pretty hilarious on the swing =)

What a goof

Tim and Vivian going for a ride

Probably my favorite picture of the day

Long legs attempting to climb with the kids

Shaelyn way up there!

Full swing

After the playground, we headed to the pond for a bit...

The kids checking out the water with Uncle Tim

Cousins watching the ducks

Little Vivi =)

Love these two of Moriah

The kids at the top of the dam

Action shot of Tim at the bottom of the dam

Pretty girl in the flowers

Uncle Andrew gave her tired legs a rest

Off they go...

The two little girls in the kiddie pool in their clothes

What fun it is to have a big family who all likes each other! We are so blessed... =)

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