Tuesday, August 16, 2011


First a couple pictures from sunset last night...

The sinking sun behind one of the apple trees

Some horseback riders across the field from my parent's house

This morning the kids and I had the opportunity to tour London Dairy Farm, one of the largest dairy farms in Canada! My friend Diana's husband works there (as does she, part time), and she offered to show us around if we wanted. We sure did!

What a production! They milk 1,000 cows three times a day here!

In the high-tech automated milking parlor
(Each cow wears a special "anklet" on her back right leg that is scanned by a digital machine at each stall and it records all of the information necessary about that cow as far as milk production, times, and even if she needs medical care!)

Some of the ladies

In the maternity/nursery area =)

The kids in one of the huge barns

Keenan Loved it!

He was very brave and touched as many cows as would let him!

I love this one of he and Emily

It cracks me up how much cows stare =)

Heading out

The two huge milk tanks (the one on the left is the afternoon milking and the one on the right is for the morning milking) The milk truck comes twice a day!

Moriah liked the calves better =)

They have about 4,000 calves born every year!

The basement under the milk parlor - each cow's milk is pumped down these tubes on it's way to the huge tanks , and any trouble shooting that needs to be done with the lines is done from down here

What a fun experience for us! Thanks, Diana!

Here is a video I found on youtube from the farm: (I'm pretty sure the blond girl shown in the milking parlor is my friend, Diana!)

Moriah and Spunky ready for a nap

A couple of my mom's Gorgeous Hibiscus!

Well, I should get back to the house (I'm at the library posting this), since our whole immediate family (all 19 of them) will be descending on my parent's house for the next three days! Fun, crazy times await! =)


Rachel and Hans said...

That is great! As a nursing momma, I can't help but laugh at the idea of a 'milking' tour! Ha! Glad you are having such a great trip.

Jodi said...

Love this post! I think baby calves are so cute! Glad you had a great tour.

Rebekah Storey said...

What a sophisticated set up for cows!