Thursday, August 11, 2011

At the Cottage

Yesterday we spent most of the day at my aunt and uncle's cottage on the lake. We had quite a big group - 18 adults and 15 kids! Other than it being a bit cool and rainy at times, it was a great afternoon with awesome food and lots of fun games and laughs.

Keenan and Moriah wearing the Much too big life jackets

Keenan, Marika and Moriah chillin' on the swing

Moriah and I bundled up in her blanket - we had no long sleeves with us!

Tim, Vivian and Grandpa meeting baby Joshua for the first time

Despite the cool weather, Keenan still wanted to swim! He loved this slide that went off the dock and decided to try it every way possible...


On his stomach,

... and on his back! =)

Moriah went in for a couple minutes and got cold

Rob, Brayden and the puppy heading down the dock

The pup after her swim (Keenan said, "She's doing the doggy paddle!")

Four little trouble makers playing Trouble

Playing a fun "figure out the cereal box puzzle" game with teams

One of the finished box fronts

Sweet Alisa

Rebekah and her youngest niece

Mark doing what he does best, snuggling a baby

Shaelyn and Moriah being sweet

Dad with the two littlest - Alisa (5 months) and Joshua (2.5 months)

Almost all of the gang that was there!

Me with Nikki (left) the puppy's mom, four years ago, and yesterday with the puppy!

All the sister in laws =)

The seven biggest grandkids in my dad's canoe

Moriah climbing out

This isn't actually a real bird, but it looked really pretty with the sunset!

Moriah and Keenan playing with Grandpa

Moriah's so tall!

Today has been fun, shopping and hanging out at home, and spending some time with Ada and her boys.


Anonymous said...

So fun!!!!

Mom W. said...

Woops... that was Mom W. not anonymous!

The Mac's House said...

What a great idea for the puzzle with the cereal box. Love all the pics! You guys sure are putting a lot of miles on and enjoying some great family time.

Anonymous said...

#1 - You take awesome pictures :)

#2 - We have a really nice family! I had a great time for the part we were there! I'm glad I'm a Woodford :)

#3 - I love you!

Rebekah :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the family shot..and Autumn finally got to see a picture of her Grandpa David!! She asked where we were and I said out here, that's the rest of her family. She seemed in awe. Very cute.
Love Diana

Liz said...

I absolutely LOVE the huge family photo. Thanks so much for sharing, Joia.
Love to you all!

Liz said...

PS-Imagine if the BC Woodford's had been there...22 adults and 18 kids!

Rebekah Storey said...

That is a sweet shot of the bird, but I'm pretty sure it would have pecked your eyeballs out had you gotten that close and it were real.