Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rainy Day Fun

Today is (another!) rainy day. Keenan couldn't even go in the pool at his swim lesson this morning because it was pouring and thundering and lightning. They had a water safety class inside instead.

To combat the rain induced cabin fever, we've been trying to have fun inside:

Keenan blowing one of his cars across the counter

My sweet girl and her apple sauce

I made these fun apple, ham, cheese, carrot and celery skewers for lunch

They loved them!

After lunch we went to the library to load up on new books:

Keenan made a new friend

She has no idea what she's doing, but she sure looks cute doing it! =)

For dinner, we went here for the first time!

Wow. You walk in and it doesn't just smell like a pizza place, it smells like your mom's kitchen... fresh dough, sauce, fresh toppings... mmmm...

For anyone not familiar with Papa Murphy's - you order your pizza, watch them make it in front of you, and then they give it to you to take home and bake fresh yourself!

and they sell this!

... that turns into these... =)

Introduced to me recently by Rebekah, this is a new favorite of mine:

Other tidbits of life:

I've recently watched a couple good documentaries:

The Human Experience - This is about two brothers, who, in an effort to get out of their comfort zones and experience life in other's shoes, spend a week living homeless on the streets of Brooklyn, travel to South America to minister to the lost children of Peru in an orphanage, and spend time in Ghana with AIDS and leprosy victims.

My Flesh and Blood - This one is about a woman who adopts 11 children with special needs! Totally. Amazing.

I've recently developed a liking to this group, Celtic Thunder. Here is a video of one of their songs, Caledonia;


Amanda said...

I LOVE Celtic Thunder! They're doing a North American Tour right now and I'm hoping to get tickets. I think heartland is my favourite, or anything sung by Keith

Mom W. said...

Very interesting!!

Love Moriah on the computer and the healthy eating kabobs... great idea!!