Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Please Pray for Spunky

Spunky ran away last night while we were out, still attached to her line (with the metal corkscrew on the end). She is still not home this morning. I am worried that she has gotten herself tangled up somewhere and can't get lose.

The worst part is that she doesn't have tags on, since hers broke off and got lost last week and I hadn't replaced them yet. =0/ She is microchipped.

I have driven all over town, looking for her and have called animal control.

Please, please pray that we find her soon and that she's okay!


Kendra said...

Praying. Hope she finds her way home soon!

Becky said...

Oh no, I am praying you find her soon.

Mom W. said...

Got your message... praying.

Kim said...

Did you find her yet???