Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Little Picassos

The kids have Really been wanting to paint, so I decided to give each of them a canvas panel, since I had a couple sitting around. They were delighted to each have their own 16X20 surface to create on!

I let them use some different types of paints, lots of different styles and shapes of brushes, and we even experimented with some strange things like whisks and cups to get some different, fun textures and shapes.

I had them do one (or two similar shades) color at a time and let them dry before adding more to avoid a "muddy brown" look

Getting started

Love the painter's apparel?

Well on his way!

Moriah's after a few colors

The hardest part about this for me was just (as I had promised at the beginning) letting them "do it however they wanted", since there were soo many times I wanted to step in and make suggestions or give advice on how they could do it "better" (in my opinion). God is so much better at stepping back than I am. =)

They soon discovered that painting their bellies was even more fun! =)

Nearing completion...

Adding some purple

Finger painting is fun too!

Finishing touches on Keenan's

I made a stencil for each of them to personalize their work with

Marked by the artist

Keenan's after he finished

Moriah's finished masterpiece

Once I attach some sort of hanger to the backs of them, they'll hang in our hallway - I love them!


Aunt Jessica said...

they are beautiful!!! :)

Mom W. said...

Cool idea!!

denise said...

so cute!