Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July 2011

Despite missing Philip on such a special day, we had a great Fourth of July with friends.

We started off at Lincoln Park this morning with Josh and Rebekah and their boys for some sun and swimming...

Rebekah and Judah (the baby for a only a few more days!)

Josh helping Moriah

Favorite picture of the day - Keenan and Elijah running down the dock together =)

... and the big jump!

Moriah's turn (love the tongue)

Before heading home, we let the kids ride the "barrel train" around the park. They even each got their own wooden train whistle! =)

The boys are ready to go

Judah loves the whistle!

Toot, too, off we go!

There they go...

All smiles on the way back

Ready for nap

My handsome little patriot =)

Love this little girl

Daddy's cuties =)

This afternoon we were invited to the Paulson's with a few other friends for a bbq and swim! Super fun, although I hardly used my camera...

Moriah being a little chip hog =)

Fireworks by the pool!

The reflection made it even prettier!


Aunt Heather said...

Grandpa Wilf will enjoy the additions to the train whistle band!

Mom W. said...

Love the one with the tongue!!!

I wonder if they will keep the whistles long enough to blow them in the retirement home some day like Great Grandpa Wilf does??? =)

Fun pictures Joia... glad that HOT isn't here!!!

Mom W. said...

Woah, over a week without an update... change title to "weekly?" JK Checking though... =)