Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wrappin' up in Mexico...

Wow, our two weeks here are over! We head out early in the morning for the long drive to Phoenix!

I haven't taken very many pictures in the last couple of days, but here's a really cute one of the cousins (minus Alisa) taken this morning:

All matchy-matchy =)

We have had SUCH a great time! The kids have had a wonderful time with their cousins, we've eaten a lot of great Mexican food, either cooked by Steph or eaten out, we've seen lots of cool stuff, visited beautiful beaches (and hotels), and have had an all around awesome Mexican vacation!! No doubt Tim and Steph's house will be a little less crazy when we leave... =)


Becky said...

If you want to stop in Tucson, let us know. It would be wonderful to see you again!

Anonymous said...

Have safe travels!

Mom W. said...

I love the picture of the grands... so fun!!

Anonymous said...

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