Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Where do the days go?

I have really fallen behind on blogging!

The days are just flying by in a blur, and I can't keep up!

A few things that are going on:

I've had a case of the "pool blues" the last couple days (I'm wondering, fellow pool owners, is this normal shortly after the "pool high?") Just some issues to work out as far as keeping junk out of the pool (the tree over it is now my nemesis), figuring out a better vacuum option, deciding I am Not a big fan of our pool cover that has "drain holes", (which let all the crap into the water any time I need to pull the cover off!) and getting our safety net installed.
Things are looking up, but I was definitely second guessing myself this morning when I went out this morning (after a storm yesterday) to find the pool cover totally submerged, a TON of leaves and junk in the pool, and a slight green tinge (from the rain and junk) in the water. The saltwater filter is now running on an eight hour "boost" cycle to get everything balanced again and the water is now clear and sparkling.
My neighbor, Phil, just came over to help me get the safety net installed, which will also help keep the pool cover up and off the water surface, so will hopefully help my frustrations there as well.
It is STINKING hot, so we are looking forward to getting back in it tomorrow after it's all clean!

Baby update - I had an appointment yesterday. All looks good. I've gained about 8 pounds in 17 weeks, the baby's heart rate is 155, and he/she looks pretty active (though I'm not feeling anything yet).

The kids and I leave for Mexico in a week, and we're not ready! =) We'll be going to visit Tim and Steph, and my five sweet nieces for two weeks. We've never been to their home before, so we are very excited to see where they live!

I haven't had the camera out much at all either. Here are a couple pics:

Moriah showing some corn on the cob who's boss!

Eden and Moriah checking to see if Keenan is "really dead" while they were playing


Mom W. said...

Cute!! Guess I haven't missed too much here after being gone for the weekend, the wedding was great!! Good seeing family too. Love you all!! Hot here too!!

Mom W. again said...

I just realized you are arriving in MX on Steph's Birthday, what a Birthday present!!! Jealous I am!!