Saturday, June 25, 2011

San Carlos

We spent most of the day today in San Carlos, a beautiful town on the water about an hour and a half from Tim and Steph's. Normally they go to the beach here, but this time we got day passes for a beautiful hotel on the beach and hung out by the pool with some of their friends instead. It was amazing!!

How gorgeous is this??
(The water in the background is an inlet that leads right out to the ocean)

This kids are of the pool was perfect for our gang!

Keenan spent a lot of time outside of the kid's area =)

Me with my not so happy boy (he had just gotten a nasty cut on his knee)

Chillin' with a sleeping baby =)

My cuties just before we left

Beautiful sunset as we were leaving

This cow was randomly wandering around outside the hotel gate =)

Us with some cactuses
(The last ones my kids saw were in Kenya!)

Popsicles on the way home

Two of the sleeping kids =)

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