Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We are here in Hermosillo, Mexico! We had a long day of travel yesterday, starting at 5 am - and on our first flight at 6:30. We spent four and a half hours on flights, and then six hours on the road after Tim picked us up. The kids continued their "super traveller" status and I am soo proud of them! We are still adjusting to the time change, but having a blast!

After not seeing each other for ten months, our kids and their cousins are sure happy to be together again! Seven kids in one house - whew! =)

There has been a lot of baby holding going on (and not just by me!)

Keenan proudly holding Alisa, and Shaelyn joining in

... and Mika

Sweet Alisa (three months old tomorrow)

The little girls, Vivian and Moriah with the baby

Alisa sleeping on Moriah

Holly, their little girl kitten =)
(She's wearing the cone because she just got fixed and has torn her stitches out three times!)

The kids (and I) love her! =)

The kids playing the new game we brought, "Zoofari"

Pool Time! Their subdivision has a beautiful set of pools that I'm sure we will be spending a lot of time in to beat the heat! We spent about an hour and a half in the water this afternoon.

Moriah cracked me up in these goggles! =)
(She's becoming quite the little fish herself)

Kyla, Vivian, Steph and Alisa

Marika and Keenan =)


This evening we went to a local taco place called "Taco Bongo" for dinner. I was too busy eating the good food to take many pictures, but I got this cute one of the kids on the playground...

How fun!

Well, it has (obviously) been a very busy, fun day and I am whooped, so I am heading to bed!!

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Mom W. said...

Taco Bongo rocks!!! How's the heat??