Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Children's Museum!

The Children's Museum was one of the places that we'd been looking forward to going to if we ever made it to Hermosillo! It did not disappoint us. =)

Moriah got her very first pig tails yesterday!

I'm quite in love with them =)

Magnetic metal shavings

A cool water table

Marika and a funny mirror

Keenan loved this static charged ball

Another favorite was this ball floating in the air over a fan

One of My favorites was the mini Wal-Mart where the kids could "shop!"

Choosing some beverages

Moriah and Kyla

Gotta have milk!

... and finally some cereal

All done and ready to unload at the cash register

Keenan checking out

Fun with the chalkboard

The girls doing some art

Keenan loved this sand filled pendulum

Keenan and Moriah disassembling a huge puzzle

Steph demonstrating the bed of nails (you lay on a plastic surface and then they raise the nails up through it)


I found it much more painful than Steph let on =)

I had prick marks all over me when I got off! =)

Keenan grinding wheat into flour
(This was his favorite thing and he did it for a long time!)

Mika grinding flour

A cool pendulum arm that draws amazing pictures!

The "twins" watching together

Moriah's finished picture

Tim and Vivian waiting for her picture =)

The girls using a coloring program on the computer

A disturbing print of my face on the peg board

Can you tell Tim and I are related?


Mom W. said...

Love the pig tails!!! What fun at the museum!!! Midnight at the museum??? =)

Aunt Heather said...

Your Dad built me one of those pendulum type drawing machines for Christmas when I was a kid. Maybe he can make you one too!

Joia said...

Really?? Why had I never heard of this before? =)