Sunday, June 19, 2011

Catching up on Mexican happenings...

Okay, here's what we've been up to the last couple of days:

Vivian pulling Moriah in a laundry basket

Goofing around =)

Saturday night we went to a play at the hall that the Sunday School kids put on...

The whole group

Shaelyn, as Mary

Marika as the Ethiopian Eunuch

Kyla, I don't remember who she was, but she was cute!

My two watching a movie (make yourself comfy, Riah!)

Last night we went out to get hotdogs (because I had read about them on Steph's blog forever ago, and definitely wanted to try them!

The hot dog stand

Me with the most amazing hotdog ever!
(Hot dog wrapped in bacon in a super fresh bun, topped with whatever you want!)

Five happy kids

Back up on Cerro de la Campana to see the lights at night

Today we went to Kino beach (about an hour away). It was windy and oh so sandy, but gorgeous!

A pretty island about a mile off the shore

In one of the palapas

Moriah trying out one of the hammocks

Uncle Tim was her best friend in the water! =)

She scooted right over to Tim for some protection from the waves

Happy girl

Beach view with Shark Island in the background

Keenan had a Great time!

View of the beach the other way - how gorgeous is this??

Yup, I was there

Ready to do some boarding!

Tim and Moriah headed out to sea...

Coming back in, all smiles!

Cresting a wave with Uncle Tim right behind

A sweet shell necklace I bought while we were at the beach

These are from a while ago, and I just came across them on my laptop but I don't think I had posted them...

Moriah wearing her princess cape...

She then figured out that it fit Spunky pretty well! =)

Poor Spunky, a while later, on her bed, with the cape still on!

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Mom W. said...

Love the Ethiopian Eunuch!!! Cute show... did your kids enjoy, even in Spanish??