Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Birthday Week

On Sunday, Devin and Melissa wished me a "Happy Birthday Week"... and happy it has been! I could get used to this, celebrating every day of the week before my birthday thing... =)

On Sunday afternoon/evening, we met up with Josh and Rebekah and Devin and Melissa at Lincoln park for a bbq, hang out, go boating and tubing "kick off" to my birthday week, which was awesome! Did I mention that Devin and Melissa grilled like four different kinds of meat and Josh and Rebekah made (two kinds of) Creme Brulee?? Yup, that's how awesome my friends are... =)

Ready to go boating!

Josh and Devin with the four oldest kids, heading out to go tubing

Birthday Monday:

I don't have any pictures from Monday but it was a Glorious, kid free, relaxing, fun day!!! I dropped the kids off earlier than usual with Devin so I could go on base (and wait and wait) to get my ID renewed. That part wasn't particularly fun, but it was great to not have to wrangle kids while doing it!

Then I did a little bit of running around before taking myself out to lunch (alone, for the first time in my life, just for the experience) to Ruby Tuesday. It cost practically nothing because I'm signed up online for their "birthday club" or whatever, so I get a free meal coupon every birthday!

After that I did some shopping, took a nap, and then got to talk/see Philip on Skype for a whole HOUR!!! It was awesome, especially since I didn't have to share him with the kids! =)

That evening (in place of Margarita-less Monday), Melissa took me out for dinner and dessert (the best fettuccine alfredo I've ever had and an amazing ice cream sandwich) at Joey Tomato's and then we rented "Little Fockers" and came back here to watch it before I had to pick up my kids! (Thank you, Devin, for having my kids for 14 hours that day!!)

Birthday Tuesday:

The kids and I went to a MOPS Playdate at Uptown Station that morning and got to see a Ton of our friends!

Moriah sitting like such a lady =)

A bunch of the kids at the splash park

Ya, Sonic!!

The kids LOVE running in the big grassy area beside the splash park

A bunch of the MOPS moms

She's not far behind Keenan!

Fire pole skills

That night, though it had nothing to do with my birthday, I was excited to split a baby sitter with Devin and Melissa so we could join a bunch of the staff from the hospital for a nice dinner at Compass Rose to say goodbye to (some of the best) staff that are leaving soon. (Wow, that was totally a run on sentence)

Birthday Wednesday:

Rebekah and I took our kids (and Jade and Eden - four kid Wednesday) to the little beach for most of the morning. It was really fun and relaxing, the kids had a great time playing and took awesome naps! =)

My girl

Her first water jumps! (And she sure did a lot of them!)

A cool wave from Keenan (who was super busy playing with his friends)

Exciting news... our trampoline is down and put away (the first step towards putting up our pool!) I took the "cage" down myself, and then our great neighbor, Phil, came over this afternoon and helped me take the rest of it apart (and actually fit it back in the box!!) Woohoo!

I haven't mentioned that Melissa has been giving me (very humorous) birthday cards every day this week, so I got my fourth one tonight! How fun!

Rebekah just called, and is taking me out for dinner tomorrow on my birthday.... woohoo, birthday WEEK!! =)

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Mom W. said...

Happy Birthday again. So glad you are having such a good day/week!!