Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fun Stuff

Here's a catch up again, I need to get this done and get to bed, the long trek home starts tomorrow...

Laura, Rebekah and I went out for a fun girl's evening on Friday. We had dinner, lots of laughs and some great conversation in comfy bookstore chairs, and then some more on Laura's couch.

Eating carrot cake muffins at Starbucks (that we were glad we didn't pay for)

The three of us at Laura's

The next morning we all saw each other again at a 5K that Laura organized for a mission called Compassio Relief and Development Canada. Due to my lack of recent running and the baby on board, I decided to walk it instead of running, which I don't regret.

Silly Riah look =)

The run/walk/bike/stroller gang

Mark and Rebekah

Us and the kids

Moriah running

Keenan actually did some pretty good distances on the run!

Me and my girl

Playing tug of war with Sausage

Reading books with Auntie Bekah

Yay for ice cream sandwiches from Uncle Mark!

Laura popped over for a visit (and official farewells) on Sunday night. Much better than a hurried "see ya" after the 5k!

Laura coloring with Moriah =)

On Monday morning we went to see my friend, Diana, and her two girls (and cute puppy!)

Diana and her puppy

All the kids =)

Moriah wearing a cute hat of Rebekah's

Still have more to catch up on, but I'm done for tonight...


Rachel and Hans said...

I must have totally missed the pregnancy announcement! Congrats!! That's awesome. So happy for you!

Mom W. said...

...and Joia is home!!! Are the kids glad to be home too???

We sure miss you here, it went WAY too fast but was such a good time. Tell the kids we miss them. (not quite so much Spunky... sorry Spunky) =(

Happy Mother's Day!!