Sunday, May 8, 2011

Finishing off our trip pics

Okay, okay I'm finally back at the blog.

Here are the final pictures from our last few days in Canada and on the road. We arrived home safely (a day early) on Thursday evening. Praise the Lord for safe travels of over 3,500 miles!

On Monday night, my family was coming over to Mark and Rebekah's for one last dinner before we headed out of town. I went to the grocery store with Mark to get some last minute things for dinner, and on the way home he was instructed to "drive me around the block" before coming home. Hmmm...

When we drove in, this is what I saw!

My family had a surprise early 30th birthday party for me!

Rebekah's super fun decorations!!

Rebekah didn't miss a detail (including a sparkly tiara with "30" on it), and dinner was Awesome!!

The kids and I with the amazing cake my mom made!

Close up of the cute tiara =)

The kids watching a movie while I packed up

We hit the road on Wednesday morning and stayed the night in Louisville, Kentucky. Our hotel was super nice, but the pool was closed for some sort of maintenance, which was a huge bummer since the kids had been looking forward to it all day! =0/

The next day, I decided that no matter how long it took, we were going to press through and get HOME! This Mama was ready!!

We took a few more breaks than usual, including this gorgeous park I happened to spot at a golf course just off the interstate:

Keenan before his big jump

My girl in the sunshine

On a crazy slide!

My little climber =)

It is sooo good to be home! The kids are thrilled to be back with their toys and friends and Spunky is overjoyed to have her yard and freedom back!! =)

Philip (being the amazing and thoughtful husband that he is) arranged for these flowers to be delivered yesterday for Mother's Day!

Aren't they gorgeous??

Last night the kids and I went to Wal-Mart... Moriah decided she needed to take her purse =)

She's getting so grown up!


Mom W. said...

=) Love you all!!

Flakymn said...

SO who drove home with you?

Joia said...

Wendi, no one did!