Saturday, April 16, 2011

What's Up with Colorado??

Good question. Why Am I in Colorado, when my kids are in Canada? =)

Well... do you remember the WIFIA ("Wife Mafia") from Eglin? Quick recap. It consists of me and my five friends (we were all residents wives when we met three and a half years ago), Wendi, Andrea, Sarah, Tiffany and Jodi. After graduation, the five of them moved to Turkey, California, Japan, Texas and North Dakota.

Jodi recently told us she is pregnant, which is super exciting news, since she was the only one that hadn't had any babies yet! She made plans to visit Sarah in Colorado (while she was home visiting), so Sarah suggested that the rest of us fly in and surprise her with a baby shower! Four out of five of us were able to come (Wendi couldn't make the trip from Turkey with two little boys in tow and a baby girl on the way).

All went as planned and Andrea, Tiff and I flew in and met up with Sarah yesterday morning. It was soooo good to be back together again! It was like we never left!

This is my first time to Colorado and it's breathtaking!! What a great place to meet up!

While we waited for Jodi to get into town (she was driving down from ND), we did some driving around Denver, went out for lunch and did some shopping (in preparation for the surprise shower).

Me with a dude at the airport =)

At Noodles and Company for lunch

Trying out a super comfy couch at Crate and Barrel =)

In the afternoon we went to a coffee shop and eagerly waited for Jodi to arrive. With the camera at the ready, we waited with baited breath while Sarah chatted with her at the counter while Jodi ordered her drink. Then Sarah brought her to our table (which was tucked away in a corner behind a wall), she saw us all sitting there, and was Totally shocked!! It was awesome. =)

After that we drove up the mountains to Silverthorne, a small ski village where Andrea's in laws have an amazing condo that they let us use. It's gorgeous and has a whole wall of windows that that looks right out to the mountains!

Pictures on the way:

Gorgeous waterfall

Where we went for dinner on the way up the mountains

Isn't this amazing?? It was a three pound pizza!

Moon over the Rockies

We stayed up waaaay too late (Sarah and I slept together and were up until 2!) talking and woke up to a beautiful morning with a light snow falling.

More to come!

Keenan and Moriah are having a great time with my parents. Here are a couple pictures I took before I left:

Grandpa giving them a ride

Grandpa's little kangaroo (snuggled up in his coat since she got cold outside)


Rabens Family said...

That is awesome. I am sure you gals had a great weekend together. The girls and I can't wait to see a picture of Jodi pregnant. Do they know if they are having a boy or girl yet?

Flakymn said...

Brittney, she is having a boy!

Man, wish I coulda been there.

Rabens Family said...

Thanks Wendi! I wanted to send them a gift, but was waiting to hear for sure what they were having. We will have fun shopping for boy things. ;)

Mom E said...

It was SO good to see the Wifia group pictures again. So sad Wendi couldn't be there though.

Rebekah Storey said...

so.....Beau Jo's is literally 3 blocks from my mom's house there in Idaho Springs! Did you love their pizza?! It's pretty delicious, huh? And what about Keystone? It's my dream town! I miss you, but it looks like you are having a riot!

Rebekah Storey said...

So...Beau Jo's is literally 3 blocks from my mom's house there in Idaho Springs where you stopped to eat. :) Crazy, huh? Didn't you totally love their pizza?! And Keystone? Isn't it incredible up there? It's my dream town to live in! I miss you, but it looks like you are having a riot!