Thursday, April 7, 2011

Travel Day One

We are 500 miles closer to Canada, folks!

We spent 8 and a half hours driving, and had one, one hour break. The kids were.... AMAZING!!! I could NOT ask for better travelers! (At least that's what I'm saying before we get back in the van in the morning). =) I am so proud of them! I have no doubt that the prayers going up on our behalf are responsible for the ease of our trip today - thank you!

Pictures from today:

This was in Alabama and just made me laugh

Our hotel has a really nice pool And this super cool little kid's pool, which was perfect for the kids!

Here, a new friend is sharing her toys =)
(Apparently Keenan is shocked at the notion of sharing)

Fun times!

Red eyed, post swim snuggle up in one of the beds

There was a Denny's conveniently attached to our hotel, so I didn't even have to get the kids back in the van to go get dinner! =)

Happy Keenan

He did a great job taking this picture of us girls, don't you think? =)

After dinner, we took Spunky for a walk, the kids had a bubble bath, watched some tv, and now into bed.

Talk to you tomorrow!


Mom W. said...

Good, good... healthy, happy kids!!!

denise said...

that is awesome to find such a kid friendly place to stop! How do you find the hotels and know they are kid friendly?? Just wondering for when we are traveling to places we don't know the area.

Love the pool pics!

Mom E said...

Catching up (again) and thought the photo Keenan took was really great! Good job Keenan! Wow, I thought I did well driving to S.C. alone with Isaac. I guess that's nothing compared to your trek(s). ;-) Love, Mom