Monday, April 25, 2011

Prayer Request for Myrtle!

We are on our way back to Canada this morning, and I called Myrtle before we crossed the border (since I don't use my cell phone in Canada). She told me that she had a heart attack a week ago! She said that one of her main arteries had been totally blocked and they'd had to put a stent in. She is home now and doing a little better, but didn't sound well. I feel Terrible that I'm not there, and am really wondering now if I should be cutting my trip short and heading home to be with her. If she died while I was gone, I don't know what I would do. =0/

Please pray for her, that she would recover, and that she'd have the help she needs during this time.

One of my favorite pictures of Myrtle, taken in February


The Mac's House said...

Oh saying prayers for her recovery. I know what a special woman she is as well as a great friend/extended family member for your family. Get well soon!

Mom E said...

Oh my, Joia I am so sorry to hear about Myrle. We serve a big God by whose stripes we Were healed. I will pray for her and for wisdom for you, as well. If you want me to call & check on her for you, send her # via email. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Oh you have to go home and be with her!!