Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gettin' Ready

Yesterday was an insanely busy, crazy day.

The kids were with Devin, so I was able to be Super productive!

Dentist appointment

Oil change for van

Mailed packages at the Post Office

Dog to the vet (where she was poked and prodded in multiple uncomfortable ways to check her out for her "International Pet Health Certificate", necessary to cross the Canadian border with us in a few days)

Trip to Wal-Mart

Four new tires for the van (ouch!) from Sam's

Commissary trip to load up on snacks for our road trip

I still feel like there is much to do before we leave on Thursday, but I know it will all get done, somehow. =)


Mom W. said...

Can't wait to see you ALL!!

Hannah said...

Have a good trip joia!! We will be in touch when you're here! Looking forward to catchin up with ya!