Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fun in the Snow!

We weren't planning on having snow while we were here, but when I woke up yesterday morning and a beautiful blanket of snow was covering the ground, we decided to layer up and head out to play!
The three of us

Spunky has never before (to my knowledge) seen snow, so she was pretty excited to get out in it!

Snow girl

He couldn't be happier!

They had a great time clearing off the cars with brooms!

Moriah and the pitiful snowman I made =)

... and then she demolished it! =)

Snow angel!

Eating Frosty's nose =)

Spunky in a pretty scarf =)

Riah and I before heading in

This poor little Robin thought it was spring, and was huddled under the bushes on a small patch of grass that didn't have snow on it yet.

"Drinking" apple sauce last night =)


Hannah said...

Adoreable Joia! Bet the kids really had a blast with the springly snow:)

Mom E said...

OMGosh, I am SO jealous!! But happy for you and the kids. How fun that must've been! Snow in the spring! :-) Love you, Mom