Saturday, April 2, 2011

First Strawberries of 2011!

April 1st, and we hit the strawberry patch! Still very strange to this Canadian girl, but I'm not complaining! It was Wonderful! We went with Rebekah and her boys, and my friend, Robyn and her little guy, Jackson. Fun times!

Judah wasted No time in getting down to business! =)

Keenan finding a good one

Robyn, Jackson and Keenan

So, so pretty

Me and my little helper =)

Love this picture of Rebekah and her boys!

Everyone enjoying fresh made strawberry frozen yogurt and "to die for" shortcake!

Moriah and Jackson being sweet

Me and my little man


Kim said...

Oh how I miss the strawberry patch and the short cake. That stuff was the best!!

Kendra said...

Looks likes a blast, I am hoping to go out next weekend!! :) I found a great strawberry bread reciepe that will be so yummy with fresh picked berries!

Mom W. said...

Mmmmmm.... can't wait for them up here in Canada!!